The Company Bendel Office-Electronics was founded in February 1991 by Mr. Norbert Bendel and conceived as as a skilled craftsmenship company…

In 1995, service and support for electronical medical equipment was incorperated as a new area of expertise and the craftsmenship was turned into a corperate company.

Through this change, the Company is now known as Bendel Medizintechnik und Bürosservice GmbH.

After three very successful years of cooperation with the HOFFMANN - LA ROCHE AG, both companies decided to discontinue their partnership, and Bendel Enterprises further pursued the market due to the positive response and the high level of demand the company focussed on electronic medical equipment.

Today, the company continuously grows at a strong rate, it consists of ten highly qualified and motivated associates with the following areas of expertise:

Electromechanical Office electronics
Satellite-technical Laboratory Analisys
Aerohydraulics /electronics Electronic Medical Equipment

As reference, we have well known clients such as DADE-BEHRING, ROCHE DIAGNOSTIC AG and serveral UNIVERSITY FACULTY HOSPITALS, in Germany aswell as abroad.

Our clients appreciate our flexibility, agility aswell as our high level of expertise. National and international contacts contribute to the companies capabilities.

Our customers are treated as royalty - TEST US - ANYTIME!!